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Controllers 8-Zone Remote Dimmer 12V
Take control of your lighting with the 8-Zone Dimmer. One remote control can be programmed to operate up to 8 different zones of lighting with an unlimited amount of receivers per zone. Additionally, 2 unique scenes can be created and saved by mixing zones to desired level and using the scene button functions. Strong 2.4GHz frequency for quick response and range. Quick male/female AMP connector...
Controllers Manual Rotary Dimmer 12V
12VDC 48W Capacity surface mount inline rotary dimmer. Dims LED lighting from 100%-1% and will also turn power off to fixtures. DIY with preinstalled male/female AMP connectors. Available in black or white finish.
Controllers Remote Control Dimmer 12V
12VDC 60W Capacity remote control LED dimmer. Dims LED lighting from 100%-1% and will also turn power on/off to fixtures. DIY with male/female AMP connectors. Use the Universal Model when multiple dimmers are desired to work in conjunction. Use Dedicated model when multiple dimmers are desired to work independently. Radio frequency controlled. 2 key fabs included with each dimmer.
Controllers Rocker Switch 120V
Low profile DIY recess on-off rocker switch for Pockit T2 LED series. Male/Female connections on input and output leads snap inline with wire connections provided with each light fixture. Powers up to 10 light fixtures.
Controllers Rocker Switch 12V
12VDC Low profile DIY on-off rocker switch for all Tresco low-voltage systems. Male/Female connections on input and output leads gives the options of controlling all fixtures on the system or control each fixture separately while maintaining a single power supply. Black or white finish. 3/4" (19mm) hole diameter for recessed installation. Available in Black or White finish, and with 39" (1m) or 7...
Controllers Roll Switch 120V
Turn power off to a single light or run of lights with a 2-piece lamp cord style roll switch.
Controllers SimpLED Controllers 12V
SimpLED controllers snap inline with fixtures or can be remotely mounted. Choose from a dimmer, photo sensor or motion sensor.
Controllers Touch Switch 12V
Touch On/Off switch with cord and Touch Pad. Black. 200W.
Flexible FlexBar Rolls 12V
120V Flexible FlexBar Rolls - Perfect for Soffits, toe-kicks, backlighting of graphics or uplighting applications such as risers, these flexible linear LED modules are sure to add an extra dimension to your project. The sealed modules keep out water, dirt and dust making them great for use in many commercial applications including damp locations. Easy DIY connection system and double-adhesive mou...
Flexible FlexTape Rolls 12V
12VDC LED Tape light rolls. Each tape roll is a continuous run of LED lighting. Field cuttable with easy DIY linking cords and accessories available. Simply peel and stick with appplied 3M self adhesive. Various roll options. Starter lead must be purchased separate.
Lighting Kits Lazy Susan 12V
Everything you need to light up your corner or base cabinet in one easy kit! Simple D.I.Y. Plug-and-play installation. Kit includes:
Lighting Kits Tools of the Trade 12V
Everything you need to install Tresco Lighting in the field! Kit includes:
Linear Elli 2 12V
Premium linkable LED linear fixtures. Small square shaped body of aluminum construction with high output diodes. Wide beam spread. Easy u-clip mounting. A perfect selection for high-end store fixtures, jewelry cases or where higher output task lighting is needed in the residential setting. Various lengths available.
Linear Elli V 12V
Premium Angled linkable LED linear fixtures. Unique patented design allows for inconspicuous installation in any 90 degree corner. Small angled shaped body of aluminum construction with high output diodes. Wide beam spread. A perfect selection for high-end store fixtures, jewelry cases or where higher output task lighting is needed in the residential setting. Various lengths available.
Linear FineLine 12V
Long and narrow, the FineLine is the easy way to provide smooth, linear lighting almost anywhere. The low-profile FineLine features a frosted diffuser for perfect, even illumination. Direct fixture-to-fixture linking and u-clip mounting make for a quick install. Inline dimmer option connects directly to fixture offering hi-lo-med-off function. Several other control options available.
Linear ilo L 12V
Mid-level output linkable LED linear fixtures with wide beam spread. Units availabe in 6 lengths. Surface mount via 2 screws using the built-in mounting tabs. Aluminum construction with frosted diffuser. An economical solution to everyday LED lighting applications.
Linear ilo S 12V
Mid-level output stand-alone LED linear fixtures with wide beam spread. Units availabe in 4 lengths. Surface mount via 2 screws using the built-in mounting tabs. Aluminum construction with frosted diffuser. Convenient on/off switch make this a good choice for RVs, boats, podiums/lecterns and desk applications.
Linear SimpLED 12V
The Patented SimpLED combines several industry firsts. The three-in-one system of diffuser options packaged with each fixture determines the glare/reflection and intensity desired. Optional control modules consisting of a dimmer, photo sensor and motion sensor are installed inline or remotely. The fixtures mount by u-clips, adjustable u-clips, screws or with built-in magnets for metal applicati...
Linear T5 LED 120V
The next generation of our popular T5 Trescent Series. The proprietary diffuser produces a smooth even light output which mimics its fluorescent counterpart. New endcap design allows for nearly zero gap in LED light when linking fixture to fixture. Produces lumen outputs similar to T5 fluorescent while reducing energy consumption by 30%. Quiet, hum-free, internal ballasts. Quick u-clip mounti...
Linear T5 OL3 Fluorescent 120V
The T5 OL3 low profile, durable fixture comes with two T5 fluorescent tubes that are less expensive to operate and have a longer life span than a regular incandescent bulb. The wide body provides extended front to back coverage and with several linkable sizes, it is perfect for desks and work stations.
Power Supply AC Transformer (Xenon) 12V
60W 12VAC Transformer for use with Tresco Xenon Puck Lights. Mounting block included. **DOES NOT WORK WITH TRESCO LED PRODUCTS**
Power Supply Electronic Plug-In 12V
The workhorses for all Tresco 12VDC LED lighting products. Power supplies are Class 2, safety listed/recognized with short circuit and overload protection. Various options from plug-in to hardwire. All power supplies employ constant voltage technology to maintain the longevity of the LED fixture. Dimming options available.
Power Supply Magnetic Hardwire 12V
Dimming your 12V Tresco LED lights from a wall dimmer? This 60W Hardwire Power Supply is what you need! Class 2 rated and ETL safety listed magnetic transformer.
Puck 1W Pockit 12V
1W Recess or Surface mount Pockit light with replaceable LED chip. All metal construction with frosted glass diffuser and several finish options. When ambient light is needed this Pockit is the perfect fit.
Puck 3W Power Pockit 12V
As the name suggests, this ultra-thin recess or surface mount 3W Pockit provides high output and flooding illumination. The COB diode technology is far superior than tradition surface mount diodes and eliminates any hot spots or pixelated look. No unsightly diodes or reflections from surfaces. A premium choice with several finish options
Puck EquiLine Pockit Push 120V
The plug and play design of our LED Pockit Push requires no transformer or power supply, is controlled by a simple touch of a finger, and installs literally in seconds. Great for Office and Residential Furniture.
Puck Equiline Puck 12V
Designed for the economically conscious, EquiLine LED Pucks feature 24 diodes, a slim profile, and a 79" Starter Cord. Available in Black and Nickel finishes and 3000K Warm or 5000K Cool color temperatures.
Puck Fluorescent Pockit T2 Switched 120V
The built-in switch and plug-in design makes this textbook fluorescent the light for furniture, desk, and closet applications. Powered by 120V, it is cooler than incandescent or halogen lights and features robust commercial construction.
Puck Pockit 120-L 120V
120V Plug-in or hardwire high output puck style fixtures. No external power supply required! Each unit is self-driven with a replaceable 3W head (bulb). Recess or surface mounted and jumping over/around obstacles is made easy with accessory link cords. Fixtures are dimmable by standard LED wall dimmers. Several finishes and color temperatures available. (Formerly known as Pockit T2)
Puck Pockit Plus 12V
Pockit Plus features clean and simple lines PLUS cutting-edge bulb technology that provides powerful, bright light without the energy consumption and heat.
Puck Xenon 12V
The Xenon Puck is a great alternative to halogen because of its decreased heat output and extended bulb life. With a low profile and option to recess or surface mount, it is ideal for a multitude of applications and easy bulb replacement makes maintenance a breeze.
Special Series iMAGine Track 12V
Thin iMAGine track for use with magnetic spotlight fixtures or use as a power bar for adjustable shelf lighting. Field-cuttable with push on power feed and end cap.
Spot Pockit Point 12V
The 1W Pockit Point is a miniature spotlight producing a focused beam of light. With a recess depth of only 11mm (7/16") and diamter of 25mm (1") it can be installed in the smallest of spaces. Ideal for small light boxes, museum cases, jewelry cases or anywhere an inconspicuous LED fixture is required.
Spot Pockit Spot 12V
The 3W Pockit Spot LED Light's high output perfoms like a spotlight to keep kiosks, displays and prep areas center stage. The fixture features a narrow 30 degree light spread, two large springs for recess mounting and the ability to swivel 12 degrees. Exceptionally low profile of only 29mm (1-1/8") makes it ideal for tight applications.
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