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The next generation of our popular T5 Trescent Series. The proprietary diffuser produces a smooth even light output which mimics its fluorescent counterpart. New endcap design allows for nearly zero gap in LED light when linking fixture to fixture. Produces lumen outputs similar to T5 fluorescent while reducing energy consumption by 30%. Quiet, hum-free, internal ballasts. Quick u-clip mounting. Available in black or white finish in 3 color temperature options.

Special Features

  • Averages 30% less energy consumption than fluorescent equivalent
  • Commercial Grade 3 Year Warranty
  • Commonly used for displays, office/lab furniture, back lighting, and soffit, perimeter, or cove lighting
  • Instant on, instant brightness (unlike fluorescent counterpart)
  • No hum or flicker as found in similar fluorescent lights
  • Six lengths available
  • Slim end cap design eliminates dark spots when linking