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The patented SimpLED 2.0 features the unique “three-in-one” system of diffuser options, giving you power to determine glare reflection and intensity. And new Luniform Technology gives this second generation SimpLED greater light output and provides a single beam of light without the typical "dotted" LED reflection off of countertops and other surfaces.

Special Features

  • 60% brighter than original SimpLED
  • Average Rated Life: 50,000 hrs. useful life
  • Commercial Grade 3-Year Warranty
  • Dimmable by standard LED wall dimmers
  • Flat, low-profile, sturdy aluminum fixture
  • Linkable up to 10' (3 m) continuous run
  • Luniform Technology provides superior light output and a uniform light spread without the typical "dotted" reflection of typical LEDs
  • Magnets attached to bottom of fixture for mounting
  • Straight & Adjustable Mounting Clips Included
  • Three Diffuser options (Clear, Frosted, Milk/Opal) included