Our Logos

These logos should not be changed or adapted in any way; and should only be used in the forms provided.

Primary Logo

For use in
grayscale printing

Our Colors

Color is a very important aspect to our corporate branding, with various print processes guidelines for print our logo may be useful in producing consistent results.


Spot Color Printing
Pantone 3005

Full Color Offset Printing
C: 100 M: 46 Y: 2 K: 0

Web/Digital Color
R: 0 G: 117 B: 201

Social Media

We love that our customers love us! Social media is a fantastic way to share the products you like with your friends, family, and clients.
Please feel free to share our photos, videos, and status - but do not crop our any logos or copyrights.

ID: @TrescoLight

ID: revashelf/tresco-lighting-by-rev-a-shelf/