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Controllers 8-Zone Remote Dimmer 12V
Take control of your lighting with the 8-Zone Dimmer. One remote control can be programmed to operate up to 8 different zones of lighting with an unlimited amount of receivers per zone. Additionally, 2 unique scenes can be created and saved by mixing zones to desired level and using the scene button functions. Strong 2.4GHz frequency for quick response and range. Quick male/female AMP connector...
Linear T5 Fluorescent 120V
A low profile and slim design are a few of the features of the T5 Fluorescent. Available in several lengths, the durable fixture conceals an energy efficient T5 fluorescent tube that is less expensive to run and lasts longer than standard lighting. With two linking options for one extended run of light or for applications with corners, it is ideal for desks, furniture, and shelving.
Linear T5 LED 120V
The next generation of our popular T5 Trescent Series. The proprietary diffuser produces a smooth even light output which mimics its fluorescent counterpart. New endcap design allows for nearly zero gap in LED light when linking fixture to fixture. Produces lumen outputs similar to T5 fluorescent while reducing energy consumption by 30%. Quiet, hum-free, internal ballasts. Quick u-clip mounti...
Power Supply AC Transformer (Xenon) 12V
60W 12VAC Transformer for use with Tresco Xenon Puck Lights. Mounting block included. **DOES NOT WORK WITH TRESCO LED PRODUCTS**
Puck Xenon 12V
The Xenon Puck is a great alternative to halogen because of its decreased heat output and extended bulb life. With a low profile and option to recess or surface mount, it is ideal for a multitude of applications and easy bulb replacement makes maintenance a breeze.
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