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Controllers Rocker Switch 120V
Low profile DIY recess on-off rocker switch for Pockit T2 LED series. Male/Female connections on input and output leads snap inline with wire connections provided with each light fixture. Powers up to 10 light fixtures.
Linear T5 LED 120V
The next generation of our popular T5 Trescent Series. The proprietary diffuser produces a smooth even light output which mimics its fluorescent counterpart. New endcap design allows for nearly zero gap in LED light when linking fixture to fixture. Produces lumen outputs similar to T5 fluorescent while reducing energy consumption by 30%. Quiet, hum-free, internal ballasts. Quick u-clip mounti...
Puck Pockit 120-L 120V
120V Plug-in or hardwire high output puck style fixtures. No external power supply required! Each unit is self-driven with a replaceable 3W head (bulb). Recess or surface mounted and jumping over/around obstacles is made easy with accessory link cords. Fixtures are dimmable by standard LED wall dimmers. Several finishes and color temperatures available. (Formerly known as Pockit T2)
Puck Pockit 120-M 120V
The Pockit 120-M is a continuation of our popular Pockit 120 linkable series. The smaller size of rivals standard "puck" style light fixtures but produces 25% more light output than traditional halogen and xenon puck lights. Each fixture has a built-in dimmable driver and the commercial grade, all-metal construction provides for optimal heat sinking.
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