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Connect up to three sensors of the same style (Touch Dimmer, Motion Controller, or Hand/Door Sensor) to the MultiSwitch Station to universally control a 12V DC circuit. Compatible with all Tresco 12V DC power supplies and LED lights.

Special Features

  • Available in black or nickel finishes
  • Door Sensor range 0.2-4.7" (5-120 mm)
  • Dual purpose switch can be used as a Door Sensor or Proximity Controller (hand swipe on/off control)
  • Hand Sensor range 0.2-2.0" (5-50 mm)
  • Low profile surface mounted sensor
  • Must have MultiSwitch Station (L-HMSMCU-BL-1) to connect (can connect up to 3 of the same style controller to universally control a 12V DC circuit)