Controllers FREEDiM Series Micro Dimmer 12V


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Love the convenience of remote dimmers but can't seem to keep track of yours? Try our new low profile, wireless FREEDiM Series Micro Dimmer. The mounting case comes with an integrated magnet for mounting to metallic surfaces, or can be screw mounted to any wood surface as well. With smooth dimming, a simple one-button control, and the freedom to place it anywhere with 65 feet of the Universal Receiver, the Micro truly is a game-changing addition to the Tresco offering.

Special Features

  • A single Controller can control up to 10 different Receivers; a single Receiver can be controlled by up to 8 different Controllers
  • Available in Black or Nickel
  • Easy to replace 3V CR2025 battery
  • Mounting bracket has integrated magnet for convenient placement on kitchen refrigerators or other metal surfaces
  • Receiver has a Memory feature that will recall the previous setting even if the power is cut off (i.e. the power supply gets unplugged or the circuit loses power)
  • Simple one-touch programming of FreeDIM Series wireless controls
  • Touch for on/off control; hold down to cycle dimming 1-100%
  • Works with any dimmable 12V DC Tresco lights