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My lights won’t come on at all. What do I do?
Are Tresco products safety listed?
Can I cut my wires and customize my lighting system?
What is the recommended light spread for under cabinet lighting?
What is the recommended light spread overlap for under cabinet lighting?
Can I run Tresco wires behind walls?
Which of your power supplies are dimmable using a wall switch dimmer?
Can I use double-sided tape to mount my power supply?
What is the maximum distance I can extend the power cord from the power supply to the light?
Is it OK to max out the wattage on my power supply?
My 1W Pockit®’s starter cord is not marked for +/-.
I have a Pockit® Point and a Pockit® Spot that are very dim. How can I fix this?
How should I prep the surface area before installing FlexTape?
Why are the extension/jumper cords for FlexTape only 72” max? What if I need to make a further jump than that?
I have a Tresco Universal Remote Control Dimmer. My lights work, but the remote does not dim or turn them off.
How many dimmers can I use with one universal remote?
My lights won’t turn on when I have an Oval Door Sensor Controller connected to them. I have the sensor surface mounted inside a cabinet.
My Oval Door Sensor Controller senses my hand and turns the lights off every time I reach into the cabinet. How can I fix this?