Rev-A-Shelf Building

Since 1989, Tresco has been committed to exceeding market demands through the development of innovative and affordable products reinforced by unequaled quality and service.

In 1993, Tresco's first proprietary product was brought to market and sold. Since then, our product offering has increased several times, creating the need for expanded facilities and staff.

In 2003, construction on a modern facility began that doubled our size and in 2007, a new testing facility was added.

In 2011 Tresco Lighting was acquired by Rev-A-Shelf LLC., forming Tresco Lighting By Rev-A-Shelf. The acquisition allowed Tresco to broaden its product offering, distribution network and opportunities for continued growth.

For over 30 years Rev-A-Shelf's "Innovation through Organization" has made them the leader In functional cabinet storage organizing accessories. Way back since their first product, "the Revolve-A-Shelf", the first polymer lazy susan that came to be known simply as "the Rev-A-Shelf". Years later Rev-A-Shelf's product line contains 1,000's of accessories for virtually every room of the home. With molding and manufacturing facilities in Louisville and Williamsburg, Kentucky, Camden, Tennessee, Juarez and Monterrey, Mexico, and Hangzhou, China. Rev-A-Shelf and Tresco, Innovation through Organization and Illumination.
  Tresco at work