Flex Tape Best Practices | Overview To ensure proper installation and long-lasting strength of connection for your Tresco FlexTape, it’s important to keep these best practice tips in mind. Troubleshooting | Overview Tresco Lighting’s low voltage lighting system is designed to be simple and safe to install and operate. Here are tips to troubleshoot some common issues encountered during installation. Snap LED Panels | Overview Endless backlighting possibilities await you with Tresco Lighting's Snap LED panels. Our 12" x 12" Snap panels are specifically designed to snap into 3" x 3" squares. KBIS 2018 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour A recap of the Tresco Lighting booth at KBIS 2018 in Orlando, Florida. AWFS 2017 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour Welcome to AWFS 2017! North America’s largest woodworking show from Las Vegas, Nevada.   Haverty House | Overview Rev-A-Shelf and Tresco products featured in the Haverty House in Atlanta during the 2017 Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens. FREEDiM Deco 2 Zone Wall Dimmer | Overview Tresco Lighting’s FreeDIM Series Deco 2-Zone wall dimmer is changing the way people think about LED dimmer switches. Having a 2-Zone remote will allow you to control two separate lighting sources, such as an interior light and an under the cabinet light. Universal Plug-n-Play System | Overview Tresco Lighting offers a premier selection of low voltage LED lights with an “easy as 1-2-3” universal system. KBIS 2017 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour Welcome to the Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf booth tour at KBIS 2017, North America's premiere kitchen and bath industry trade show from Orlando, Florida. FREEDiM 3 and 6 Zone Remotes | Overview Tresco Lighting's FREEDiM Series 3 and 6 Zone Remotes are changing the way people think about wireless LED controllers. FREEDiM Series | Overview Tresco Lighting's FREEDiM Series Deco Wall Dimmer, Micro Dimmer, and 3 and 6 Zone Remotes make in-wall hardwiring and the expenses associated with it a thing of the past. IWF 2016 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf is excited to introduce you to our latest innovations from the 2016 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. FREEDiM Deco Wall Dimmer | Overview The FREEDiM Series Deco Wall Dimmer's innovative, patent-pending design combines the convenience and flexibility of a remote dimmer with the style and functionality of a traditional hardwired switch. FREEDiM Mirco Wall Dimmer | Overview Love the convenience of remote dimmers but can't seem to keep track of yours? Try our new low profile, wireless FREEDiM Series Micro Dimmer. KBIS 2016 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour A virtual tour of our KBIS 2016 booth in Las Vegas, featuring our new Infinex Extrusion finishes and our FreeDIM series of wireless controllers! Tresco 2020 | Overview The Tresco 20-20 Catalog makes adding lighting to your 2020 designs as easy as 1-2-3! Tresco Lighting - Who We Are | What We Do | Why Choose Us Infinex Assembling a Recessed Extrusion | Installation Step-by-step instructions to cut and assemble a custom RECESSED Infinex Extrusion. See "Infinex Assembly Video" for all other styles Tresco Halemeier Designer Collection | Overview Promo for Tresco Lighting's new Halemeier Designer Collection. Tresco - Who We Are Since 1989 Tresco Lighting has been a leader in LED lighting solutions. Assembling a Custom Infix Fixture | Installation Step by step instructions on cutting and assembling a custom Infinex extrusion. This video does NOT cover the recessed extrusion. Infinex Extrusion LED Lighting System | Overview Overview of our highly customizable Infinex Extrusion LED Lighting System