Snap LED Panels | Overview Endless backlighting possibilities await you with Tresco Lighting's Snap LED panels. Our 12" x 12" Snap panels are specifically designed to snap into 3" x 3" squares. KBIS 2018 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour A recap of the Tresco Lighting booth at KBIS 2018 in Orlando, Florida. AWFS 2017 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour Welcome to AWFS 2017! North America’s largest woodworking show from Las Vegas, Nevada.   Haverty House | Overview Rev-A-Shelf and Tresco products featured in the Haverty House in Atlanta during the 2017 Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens. FREEDiM Deco 2 Zone Wall Dimmer | Overview Tresco Lighting’s FreeDIM Series Deco 2-Zone wall dimmer is changing the way people think about LED dimmer switches. Having a 2-Zone remote will allow you to control two separate lighting sources, such as an interior light and an under the cabinet light. Universal Plug-n-Play System | Overview Tresco Lighting offers a premier selection of low voltage LED lights with an “easy as 1-2-3” universal system. KBIS 2017 | Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf Booth Tour Welcome to the Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf booth tour at KBIS 2017, North America's premiere kitchen and bath industry trade show from Orlando, Florida. FREEDiM 3 and 6 Zone Remotes | Overview Tresco Lighting's FREEDiM Series 3 and 6 Zone Remotes are changing the way people think about wireless LED controllers. FREEDiM Series | Overview Tresco Lighting's FREEDiM Series Deco Wall Dimmer, Micro Dimmer, and 3 and 6 Zone Remotes make in-wall hardwiring and the expenses associated with it a thing of the past. IWF 2016 | Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf Booth Tour Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf is excited to introduce you to our latest innovations from the 2016 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. FREEDiM Deco Wall Dimmer | Overview The FREEDiM Series Deco Wall Dimmer's innovative, patent-pending design combines the convenience and flexibility of a remote dimmer with the style and functionality of a traditional hardwired switch. FREEDiM Mirco Wall Dimmer | Overview Love the convenience of remote dimmers but can't seem to keep track of yours? Try our new low profile, wireless FREEDiM Series Micro Dimmer. KBIS 2016 | Tresco Lighting Booth Tour A virtual tour of our KBIS 2016 booth in Las Vegas, featuring our new Infinex Extrusion finishes and our FreeDIM series of wireless controllers! Tresco 2020 | Overview The Tresco 20-20 Catalog makes adding lighting to your 2020 designs as easy as 1-2-3! Tresco Lighting - Who We Are | What We Do | Why Choose Us Infinex Assembling a Recessed Extrusion | Installation Step-by-step instructions to cut and assemble a custom RECESSED Infinex Extrusion. See "Infinex Assembly Video" for all other styles Tresco Halemeier Designer Collection | Overview Promo for Tresco Lighting's new Halemeier Designer Collection. Tresco - Who We Are Since 1989 Tresco Lighting has been a leader in LED lighting solutions. Assembling a Custom Infix Fixture | Installation Step by step instructions on cutting and assembling a custom Infinex extrusion. This video does NOT cover the recessed extrusion. Infinex Extrusion LED Lighting System | Overview Overview of our highly customizable Infinex Extrusion LED Lighting System